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Voltage conditioning RCA adapters for the Hagerman FryBaby2 compact burn-in generator!

I really appreciate the emails I get from you. Take for example the recent email from Robert Atkinson, expanding upon using the Hagerman FryBaby2 compact burn-in generator for interconnects, speaker cables, capacitors, and resistors. Jim's manual for the FryBaby2 is very brief and doesn't really give the reader a comprehensive overview of the specifics of... Read More »

A Shielded Duelund DCA20GA Interconnect for the Weekend! Updates!

I've been wanting to try the Duelund DCA20GA tinned-copper tone-wire as a shielded interconnect between my Intact Audio SUT and vintage McIntosh MX110Z tuner-preamplifier for a while now. As most of you know, response to the Duelund DCA20GA as interconnects has been extremely positive, and I really like the ones I made up a lot (below).... Read More »

I've got some Duelund tinned-copper tone-wire news!

I've got good news! I just heard from Chris at Parts ConneXion and he told me that he's now stocking the Switchcraft 3502AAU RCA plugs at the same price as Mouser ($3.99 USD each) to offer an affordable alternative for those wanting to build DIY interconnect needs. I also just heard from Frederik Carøe at... Read More »

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