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Jeff checking in ... my good friend, George. Update!

It's crazy how fast time rushes by! It seems like I've been running a marathon lately trying to get everything done and keep ahead of the tsunami that's right behind me! Speaking of marathon runners, I just got some really sad news about my good friend George, who happens to be an avid runner and... Read More »

Andy visit's Jeff's Place!

It sure was nice to have Andy Moore stop in for a visit while he was in the US! We had a lot of fun listening to music, laughing, talking, and just engaging in audio merriment! Andy brought a St. Henri Shiraz all the way from Australia for us to try, and it was superb! Thanks,... Read More »

♫♪ The 2016 Jeff Awards Are Coming! ♫♪

In 2015 I started what is intended to be the start of a new tradition for me, called the Jeff Awards, which are intended to recognize the most momentous events of musical & audio significance that happened here at Jeff's Place during the year. The Jeff Awards can include hi-fi equipment from my Positive Feedback articles, or honorable mentions... Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving! (and a 2016 retrospective)

Thanksgiving kicks off the Holiday Season in the States, and I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I have a lot to be thankful for, when reflecting back upon the past year, but it's also been a tough year with the passing of my Dad, and due to some health crises for my Mom,... Read More »

The 13th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2016!

The 13th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2016 are live here. There were lots of great nominees from me for this year, but only three winners! Please stop by Positive Feedback and check out all the winners from 2016, from me, and all the other Positive Feedback contributors. As always, thanks for stopping... Read More »

Sneak Peek: The 13th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2016

You'll have to wait a while before the full 13th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2016 appear at Positive Feedback, but I thought you'd enjoy this sneak peek into my nominees for 2016. Enjoy! The 13th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2016 It’s always an exciting time of year when the Positive... Read More »

A Really Great Visit from Chris & Chloe!

It's been a great couple of days visiting with my nephew, Chris, and his daughter, Chloe, who travelled all the way from Arlington, Virginia, to visit Grandma Jaine & Uncle Jeff here in Washington State! Grandma Jaine is 91 now, soon to be 92, and loves jazz and Robert Redford movies! Grandma Jaine is Chris' Grandmother... Read More »

Milagros' and Matthew's Wedding at Mount Vernon - Congratulations!

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend visiting with family at my nephew Matt's wedding held at Mount Vernon, near Alexandria, Virginia. In the photo above, left to right, is Milagros, Matt's lovely new wife, then Matt my nephew, the priest, my awesome sister-in-law JoAnne, my nephew, Chris, Chris' lovely daughter, Chloe, and his charming wife, Joanna.... Read More »

In Memory of Jack Day - Godspeed Dad!

I would like to thank John Butterfield (third from the left), Art King (third from the right), and the Kennewick, Washington, Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars for performing a memorial service for my Dad, Jack Day. Both Mom & I deeply appreciate everything you have done. As some of you know, my Dad passed... Read More »

Jesper Checking In!

It's always a pleasure to meet a like minded music lover like Jesper, who loves music and is having fun putting cool hi-fi gear throughout his home. Jesper has a nice mix of vintage and modern gear that fits right in with me and my pals here at Jeff's Place! Jesper told me: "At the... Read More »

Markus Klug's 'Klughoerner' hand-crafted wood replicas of historic Altec multi-cell horns! (updated with more photos)

I'm not often gobsmacked by audio gear anymore, but when I laid my eyes on Markus Klug's Klughoerner hand-crafted wood replicas of historic multi-cell horns I almost swooned and fell out of my chair! Markus' Klughoerner multi-cell wood horns are stunning! To the right in the photo above, you can see Markus' hand-crafted Klughoerner wood replica... Read More »

Bill Van Winkle, Our Friend and Fellow Audio Traveler, Passes

It is with sadness that I report that our friend and fellow audio traveler, Bill Van Winkle, has passed after an extended battle with cancer. Pete Riggle sent me a message saying: Finally Bill has reached escape velocity, not just from earth, but from the Milky Way. I walked out last night and looked up into... Read More »

Part Time Audiophiles' Road Trip to Jeff's Place - The Trip Report!

It sure was nice to have Rafe & Don visit me and my pals Ron, Leo, and Pete, here at Jeff's Place, and we had a ball listening to music together. Rafe published a very gracious writeup of their visit here to Jeff's Place at Part-Time Audiophile, which you can read here. Thanks for the kind words,... Read More »

Kindred Spirits: Kato-san Checking in from Hakodate, Japan!

It's always a delight to hear from Yazaki-san, and I got a very nice email from Yazaki-san introducing his good friend, Kato-san. "I’m so happy to introduce my good old friend, Kato-san to you and Ron-san. Kato-san had been working in the research and development division of PIONEER until 10 years ago, and at the same... Read More »

Reflections on Music & Hi-Fi

It was a lot of fun to have Rafe (Part-Time Audiophile) and Don visit Jeff's Place over the weekend, and we covered a lot of ground musically, sonically, and philosophically. From a musical perspective we did a little bit of a survey of the recording arts, starting with some very early mono recordings, progressing through... Read More »

Rafe & Don Visit Jeff's Place - Road Trip!

It's always a lot of fun to make new friends and visit with you all when you stop by. Rafe (Part-Time Audiophile) and his brother, Don, also a devoted music lover and audio nut, made the journey from beautiful Vancouver, B.C., to Jeff's Place. Welcome to Jeff's Place, Rafe and Don! Pete and I met Rafe... Read More »

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy 91st Birthday, Mom! Sunday was my Mom's 91st Birthday, now that's something to celebrate! Mom and I started our day of celebration at a nice little French restaurant that's just down the street from Mom's apartment. We had a delicious brunch of coffee, mimosa, veggie crepes, and Eggs Benedict,  that were all made from scratch by... Read More »

The Jeff Awards for 2015 ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Ron Barbee ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

As I was preparing the Jeff Award for Yazaki-san, I was also thinking about another friend who has had a profound influence on me and my enjoyment of the audio & musical arts over the last several years, my good friend and fellow audio adventurer, Ron Barbee. Ron is a life-long audio enthusiast, music lover, musician (guitarist),... Read More »

The Jeff Awards for 2015 ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Shirokazu Yazaki ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

For my 12th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards I did something that I've never done before, I gave an award to a person instead of an audio product, Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki. The Positive Feedback Writer's Choice Award acknowledges Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki for "his significant design work" which he surely deserves. In Japan, the term 'Living National Treasure'... Read More »

Frank Checking In: Westminsters, Duelund, The Lark Ascending, and an Old Friend

With its cooler temperatures and wetter weather, Autumn in the Pacific Northwest is a time when life starts to shift indoors. It means kicking off new audio projects, getting the fireplace going, getting out a good book, with the muse of music stirring thoughts of the past as well as dreams for the future. So it is also with my... Read More »

The Call for Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2015

The call for Positive Feedback writers to submit their annual Writers' Choice Awards came out yesterday from Editors Dave & David.   It’s always an exciting time of year when the Positive Feedback Writer’s Choice Awards roll around, as it provides a time for me to reflect back on the past year and think about its... Read More »

Another Akihabara Adventure: Yazaki-San Reporting from the "Tube Audio Show " in Akihabara in Tokyo (more show photos added)

Immediately after posting about Gary Bronner's adventure at Sun Audio in Akihabara, I received a delightful message from Yazaki-san to Gary Zabel & Daryl Stahler at Arizona Capacitors & me about another Akihabara adventure, the "Tube Audio Show" which Yazaki-san just attended. Dear Gary-san, Daryl-san and Jeff-san, "Tube Audio Show" is now held in Akihabara / Tokyo... Read More »

An Akihabara Audio Adventure: Gary Bronner's Visit to Sun Audio in Tokyo

While Gary Bronner and I were discussing the upcoming A5 'Voice of the Theatre' project, he was telling me about his recent visit to Sun Audio in Tokyo. It sounded like such a fun trip I asked Gary if it would be ok to share it with all of you, as I thought you'd all enjoy... Read More »

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