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Danny Bar Checking In From Poland - Warsaw and Krakow

It's always nice to hear from Danny Bar. This time Danny's adventures have taken him to Poland, where he shot some great photos in Warsaw and Krakow. Danny used his Leica M9 camera plus Summicron-M 50mm f/2 lens for the color shots, and I love they way they look. I've shot lots of very nice... Read More »

Fotografie: The 2014 Tulip Festival in Washington State

I was really looking forward to getting out and shooting some photos with my new Leica Summilux 1.4/35 ASPH FLE lens on the end of my Leica M9. Towards the end of April every year there is The Tulip Festival north of Seattle in the area of LaConner and Mount Vernon. It's been about four years since... Read More »

The Week in Review and a Look Ahead!

It has been a busy couple of months here at Jeff's Place, with lots going on across multiple fronts. On the hi-fi front it has been non-stop excitement with the Duelund CAST components from Frederik Carøe in Denmark as Part 2 of the Duelund-Westminster Royal SE External Crossover Project kicks into high gear! Duelund-WRSE external crossovers... Read More »

Happy 90th Birthday Dad!

I got in late afternoon from travel yesterday, where I'd been off visiting my Dad in Idaho for his 90th birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Cheers! My awesome sister-in-law, JoAnne, and my equally awesome nephews, Matt and Chris, made the journey to Idaho from around the US to help wish Dad (Grandpa Jack) a Happy 90th... Read More »

Back Home From Sicily - Part 2

I'm jet lagged after returning from Sicily, and still waking up at 1:30 AM to start the day, so I figured I'd make good use of the time and start another blog post. In Part 1 I left off with describing the eruption of nearby Mount Etna and the Old World Elegance of Taormina. Below is a... Read More »

Back Home From Sicily and Checking In - Part 1

I just got back home after a ten-day visit to the Mediterranean island of Sicily, located off the ‘toe’ of the ‘boot’ of Italy. As an autonomous region of Italy, Sicily is proudly independent, and has a rich history that places human activity there from 8000 BC on. Sicily is a gateway between North Africa... Read More »

Danny Bar Checking in with the Leica M9 & New Leica M Monochrom

Leica makes wonderful rangefinder cameras. I have been a fan of the Leica 'M' approach ever since I bought my first Leica, the Leica MP film camera. The MP's 'mechanical perfection' combined with a Leica Summicron 35 mm f/2 ASPH lens treated me to many wonderful photographs. I replaced my Leica MP with the full-frame digital Leica... Read More »

Fotografie: Wandering through Holland

While I was looking at Danny Bar's superb photos it occurred to me what a lousy job I've been doing at posting my own photos over the last few years. I've taken thousands of photos all over the world but it seems like I'm always running so short on time that I don't get my... Read More »

Fotografie: Danny Bar Checking In From Greece

Danny Bar has been traveling in Greece and snapping photos with his Leica M9 camera with Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH lens combination, and has captured some wonderful black & white images that really reflect the mood of what it's like to be in Greece right now. Enjoy! Many thanks, Danny, for sharing your fantastic... Read More »

Danny Bar: Checking in From Paris With Some Great Black & Whites!

Photographer Danny Bar is on the road again, and this time is checking in from Paris with some wonderful black & white photos. (Click on the images for larger versions.) Danny used his Leica M9 with the new Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens to capture these beautiful B&W images. I'm a big fan of the Leica... Read More »

Danny Bar: Checking in from Vietnam and Georgia

Fellow photography enthusiast and world traveler, Danny Bar, sent me some absolutely awesome photos of his recent trip to Vietnam and Georgia, which really makes me want to get out on travel and shoot some photos. Danny shot all of the photos below using his Leica M9 and the new Leica Summilux 35/1.4 II ASPH. I... Read More »

Villages & Vineyards of Eastern France - Reims

I just got home from a couple of weeks of traveling in France, and I'm still severely jet-lagged, with my body feeling about 9 hours out of sync from the clock-time here in the Pacific Northwest of the US where I live. Now I'm thinking about trying to get caught  back up on everything -... Read More »

Danny Bar: Checking in from Cuba with some great photos!

Fellow photography (and Leica!) enthusiast, Danny Bar, sent me some absolutely awesome photos of his recent trip to Cuba, which really makes me wish travel to Cuba from the US was a whole lot easier politically. Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Danny, they are awesome - wow! If you click on the photos... Read More »

Travel & Photos: Long Island, New York

The last time I traveled to Long Island, New York, it was to visit Harry Pearson at his home in Sea Cliff for The Absolute Sound celebration party Harry hosted to celebrate the continuation of his magazine, which had been purchased by new owners, and whose influx of money helped rescue the magazine which had... Read More »

Yoshi San Checking In from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara

Yoshi Hontani, the Leben and Acoustic Revive exporter in Japan, is a kindred spirit to yours truly. Yoshi San enjoys fine music, audio, and photography, and I was delighted when I received an e-mail sharing some photos he took of the Japanese Fall during a recent hike he and his family went on in Nara.... Read More »

Travels in Turkey - Part 2

Istanbul is really an amazing city to visit with its kaleidoscopic display of culture and sights. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, with current estimates putting the population at approximately 17 million, making it one of the largest cities in the world. It is located on the Bosporus Strait and covers both the European... Read More »

Travels in Turkey - Part 1

It seems like almost everyone in the Pacific Northwest of the USA has heard about Washington State's Rick Steves' Europe Through The Back Door due to his entertaining travel shows on public television. I have been wanting to go on one of Rick's tours for a while, but the timing always seemed to conflict with... Read More »

I'm back ...

I've been traveling through Turkey the last few weeks and so haven't been able to answer any of your messages, but now that I'm back home I'll get caught back up with everyone as soon as I get over the nasty case of jet lag I've got going. I started my trip through Turkey in... Read More »

Visit to Pendleton, Oregon

Recently I visited the small western town of Pendleton, Oregon, known primarily for the historic Pendleton Woolen Mills, renowned maker of fine Indian blankets and men's plaid shirts since 1893 (several of their Indian blankets adorn my living room walls). I used the visit to get some experience shooting with the Leica SEM 18/3.8 lens... Read More »

Yoshi Hontani Checking In

Those of you who have been reading the Acoustic Revive Chronicles, and the articles about the Leben Hi-Fi Company electronics from Japan (see the links page), will recognize the name of Yoshi Hontani, who exports both of these fine product lines from Japan around the world to eagerly awaiting customers. In fact Yoshi San is... Read More »

Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, Washington

After doing the North Cascades Highway drive in Washington State, I stopped in at the Sun Mountain Lodge for the night. The Sun Mountain Lodge is located high in the mountains outside of Winthrop, Washington State, and I have to say it was a nice find. Photo below Leica M9 with 50/2 Summicron. The lodge... Read More »

April 2010 Leica Road Show In Seattle

I signed up for the Seattle stop of Leica's North American Road Show so I could get a look at all the Leica lenses, the new Noctilux in particular, and learn some tips from the pros that would be there, Justin Staley and Chris Weeks. Below is a view of the city of Seattle with... Read More »

The North Cascades Highway of Washington State

The North Cascade Highway (SR 20) from the Skagit Valley to the village of Winthrop in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State is considered to be one of the most scenic drives in the USA. SR 20 is usually closed from November to April due to heavy snowfall, but I was able to do... Read More »

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