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Jeff checking in: Audio Note (UK), Duelund, Leben HiFi Stereo Company, Pass Labs, Sophia Electric, and other stuff!

I just finished up the feature review of the Leben HiFi Stereo Company CS-600X vacuum tube integrated amplifier for Positive Feedback, which you can read HERE.  Like the CS-600 integrated amp that preceded it, the CS-600X is a terrific moderately powerful integrated amplifier, with 32W from 6L6GC output tubes, and 28W from EL34 output tubes. ... Read More »

Feature review of the Leben HiFi Stereo Company CS-600X integrated amplifier is live at Positive Feedback!

My feature review of the Leben HiFi Stereo Company CS-600X integrated amplifier is now live at Positive Feedback HERE! As always, thanks for stopping by, and may the tone be with you!

Sneak Peek: The Leben CS-600X Integrated Amplifier Feature Review for Positive Feedback!

As you know, it is my custom to give you a "sneak peek" into my upcoming feature reviews for Positive Feedback. Todays "sneak peak" is for the Leben CS-600X integrated amplifier feature review, which should be published in the next week or two! Enjoy! The Leben HiFi Stereo Company CS-600X integrated amplifier – an old... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Audio Note (UK), Fender, Leben, Pass Labs, Sophia Electric, and other stuff!

POST COVID-19 RECOVERY I’m doing a little better all the time in my Covid-19 recovery phase. My post Covid-19 symptoms are reducing in intensity and frequency, so things are going in a good direction. I'm hoping to be fully recovered in the next three to four weeks, so I can resume more of my normal activities,... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... COVID-19, Audio Note (UK), Leben, Sophia Electric Vacuum Tubes, Pass Labs, and Other Stuff!

Due to the rapidly increasing threat of the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping over Washington State where I live, I started home-isolation on March 13th in an attempt to stay safe from the virus. Today is April 10th, and I'm in my 28th day of home-isolation due to COVID-19.  Even being extremely careful, and... Read More »

The Tube Rolling Begins: NOS Vacuum Tubes in the Leben RS-30EQ Phono Preamplifier!

In my last Today's Fresh Catch post (HERE) I mentioned the variety of NOS 12AT7 signal tubes and NOS rectifiers that I had purchased from Radio Electric Supply to try in my Leben RS-30EQ: 6X5GT, 4 pieces (NU, GE, RCA, JAN Raytheon), at $10 each for a total of $40. 6X5GT 2 pieces, Sylvania, at $10 each for... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: Vacuum Tubes for the Leben RS-30EQ Phono Preamplifier

As long-time readers know well, I really love my Leben CS600 integrated amplifier and the matching Leben RS-30EQ phono preamplifier (as well as the new Leben CS600X that I think is even more gorgeous sounding than my original CS600). There's only one caveat to consider with some of the Leben components, like the Leben CS600... Read More »

Leben CS600 & CS600X: Tube Rolling with Sophia Electric vs. Electro-Harmonix EL34!

Besides their superb musical & sonic qualities, one of the great sources of joy for owners of vacuum tube amplifiers like the Leben CS600 / CS600X integrated amplifiers are adventures in trying different vacuum tubes to voice their amplifiers to best match their overall system characteristics, room, and their personal preferences.  I've been a huge... Read More »

First Listen: The Sophia Electric Blue Glass KT88-ST in the Leben CS600X Integrated Amplifier! Updated.

Last night I installed the fresh out of the box Sophia Electric blue-glass KT88-ST long-life vacuum tubes into the new Leben CS600X, that's currently powering my vintage Altec A5 Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers in my audio-visual system.  I'm running the Sophia Electric KT88-STs with cathode resistor and plate voltage settings used for 6L6GCs, which... Read More »

Updating my vintage Altec 832A Corona based system with the new Duelund 600V DCA16GA tinned-copper wire!

There's been some big changes in my vintage Altec 832A Corona based bedroom system recently. It started with me loaning my treasured Almarro A205A Mk1 EL84 single-ended-pentode integrated amplifier to my buddy Chad to use for a couple of months in his cabin system up on Lake Chelan as his cabin amp was on the... Read More »

Tube rolling in the new Leben CS-600X integrated amplifier - Sophia Electric vacuum tubes & NOS 12BH7A's! Update!

One of the favorite pastimes of many original Leben CS-600 integrated amplifier owners has been trying different combinations of vacuum tubes in their CS-600 to tailor its sound to what best matches their personal taste. The Leben CS-600 tube complement is four twin-triode 6CS7 vacuum tubes used in the first-stage of amplification, a single slow... Read More »

A look inside the new Leben CS600X integrated amplifier!

The new Leben CS600X vacuum tube integrated amplifier that is in for review has been getting run-in time in my vintage Altec A5 Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers based audio-visual system in the place normally occupied by my gracefully aging original Leben CS600. I was impressed with what I was hearing from the new Leben... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Audio Note UK, Duelund, GPA, Guitars, Leben, Music, Pass Labs, and Spec!

It is Thanksgiving week here in the States, and its a good time to reflect upon what we are thankful for. I'm looking forward to spending Thanksgiving Day with my 94 year old Mom, and hanging out with my friends Chad, Leo, Ron, and Santos for a little hifi fun & games and some general... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Pass Labs, Great Plains Audio, Audio Note UK, Leben, and the Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards!

I thought I'd provide you a bit of a status on what's coming up here at Jeff's Place.  At the moment I'm working on finishing up the feature article for Positive Feedback about the Pass Labs XA25 Class A stereo power amplifier, with a target date of approximately November 1st. Also, I hope to write for you a... Read More »

First listening impressions of the new Leben CS600X integrated amplifier!

Wow, I am amazed at the amount of people writing to me and asking me about the new Leben CS600X that just arrived here at Jeff's Place, and how it compares to my original CS600 - there's a lot of you Leben fans out there! I had been planning on writing a "listening impressions" update... Read More »

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