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Jeff checking in ...

It's been a nice weekend of just kicking back, relaxing, and celebrating. To celebrate my Mom's majority Irish ancestry that we didn't know she had until after some recent DNA testing (oral tradition isn't always accurate), we celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Saturday with me cooking a traditional St. Patrick's Day feast of corned beef,... Read More »

A Duelund DCA12GA tinned-copper wire adventure to kick off the weekend!

Remember my Big Round Tone post from a couple of weeks back, where I discussed the relationship of tone to gauge size for headshell leads, interconnects, speaker cables, and speaker/equipment internal wiring? In relative terms, you get bigger, richer, and rounder tone as gauge size decreases (fatter wire). You can think of it in guitar terms too.... Read More »

Voltage conditioning RCA adapters for the Hagerman FryBaby2 compact burn-in generator!

I really appreciate the emails I get from you. Take for example the recent email from Robert Atkinson, expanding upon using the Hagerman FryBaby2 compact burn-in generator for interconnects, speaker cables, capacitors, and resistors. Jim's manual for the FryBaby2 is very brief and doesn't really give the reader a comprehensive overview of the specifics of... Read More »

Big Round Tone

I've been looking at guitars again, or more exactly, vintage Gibson ES 150 guitars. YouTube example below. Listen to that incredible tone of "Fred Archtop's" 1938 Gibson ES 150 "Charlie Christian", it's out of this world! So what does that have to do with audio? Well, both guitars and audio intersect at music, that's what! You've heard... Read More »

100 Men and a Girl ...

In the coming months, we're going to be building crossovers using the new Duelund Coherent Audio tinned-copper components for the custom Altec Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers that were built for Mr. Stokowski, nearly six decades ago now. In preparation for the upcoming project I've been doing some background "research" on Mr. Stokowski, and I have been... Read More »

Announcing the Duelund Coherent Audio & Stokowski Altec Project for 2018!

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to announce the Duelund Coherent Audio - Stokowski Altec Project for 2018! This exciting project will showcase the Duelund Coherent Audio tinned-copper components, and will be a world first for a crossover constructed of tinned-copper components. As you know, I have been extremely impressed with the prototype tinned-copper capacitors and... Read More »

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! The snow is really coming down right now, so it's a classic White Christmas here in Washington State. I'm bringing my Mom over to share Christmas with, have a nice Christmas dinner together, sip a hot toddy, and listen to some jazz! For me it's not only... Read More »

Take Two: Duelund Coherent Audio 0.01 uF Tinned-Copper Paper-In-Oil Bypass Capacitors! Update.

As I mentioned in my last post, I just got a note from Frederik Carøe that the first batch of the new Duelund Coherent Audio 0.01 uF tinned-copper paper-in-oil bypass capacitors are ready and will be arriving at Parts ConneXion this coming week. I was really impressed with the Duelund 0.01uF tinned-copper bypass capacitors' performance on the 6.8uF Duelund... Read More »

Duelund Coherent Audio 0.01 uF Tinned-Copper Paper-In-Oil Bypass Capacitors

I just got a note from Frederik Carøe that the first batch of new Duelund Coherent Audio 0.01 uF tinned-copper paper-in-oil bypass capacitors are ready and will be arriving at Parts ConneXion this coming week. I've tried them in two applications so far and have been very impressed with the results. My first trial of... Read More »

A Weekend Adventure with the new Duelund tinned-copper paper-in-oil 0.01uF bypass capacitors! Updates.

Inspired by the praise and enthusiastic response from Duelund Coherent Audio customers around the world to the Duelund DCA line of tinned-copper cables, Frederik Carøe did something amazing, he applied the same creativity he used in developing the Duelund DCA cables to new lines of Duelund tinned-copper foil paper-In-oil capacitors. I compared the prototype Duelund... Read More »

A look back at my year in reviewing, and choosing the Positive Feedback 2017 Writers Choice Award winners!

The Editors of Positive Feedback, Mr. Dave Clark and Dr. David Robinson, just sent out a message calling for the writers to turn in their three Writers Choice Awards for 2017. Every year Dave and David's message results in my going back and reflecting on my year in audio, the products I've written about for Positive Feedback, and... Read More »

Duelund Tinned-Copper Bypass Capacitors First Listen! Wow!

I got up early this morning, and after drinking a cup of coffee to clear the mental cobwebs, I decided it would be a good time to try the tinned-copper Duelund bypass capacitors that Frederik sent me in my Altec A5 Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers' crossovers. You can see them in the center of... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: Duelund Tinned-Copper Bypass Capacitors!

I got a nice surprise package from Frederik Carøe at Duelund Coherent Audio this week, some beautiful little Duelund 0.01 uF tinned-copper bypass capacitors! As you can see from the photos, the Duelund bypass capacitors are made in that same ultra-quality fashion as the other Duelund capacitors. So you could get an idea of their relative... Read More »

Jeff checking in: Guitars, Duelund, Thorens, Arai Lab MT-1, Audio MusiKraft, and more!

Man, the last couple of weeks have been rough. A kidney stone that seems to think that playing hide and seek with me is a fun thing to do has been keeping me under the weather a bit, and as a result I haven't got nearly as much written as I like to. No worries... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Duelund DCA, FryBaby2, Sophia Electric, and more!

Using the Hagerman Audio Labs FryBaby2 in voltage-only mode has revealed itself to be a powerful voicing tool for the Duelund DCA line of tinned-copper cables. Every single time I've used the FryBaby2 on the Duelund cables it has been a smashing success. In its voltage-only conditioning mode the FB2 has worked wonders on my... Read More »

Sneak Preview of my upcoming article for Positive Feedback: An Adventure in the Art of Tone with the Duelund Coherent Audio DCA Series of Tinned-Copper Cables, Part 1 - Update - now live at PF!

I've been writing my bum off the last few weeks working on a survey article of the Duelund DCA line of tinned-copper cables for Positive Feedback. I'll be submitting the article to Positive Feedback Editors David and Dave for their consideration sometime today, so you should expect to see it published before too long. Until... Read More »

A little bit of voltage conditioning for my unshielded Duelund DCA20GA interconnects!

It sure is nice to get home from work on a Friday evening, fix a dirty martini with some Tito's handmade vodka, and put on some music and play some audio games. I just pulled my Duelund DCA20GA interconnects off the FryBaby2 after about 12 hours of voltage-only conditioning, and installed them in the system... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: Hagerman Audio Labs FryBaby2 Compact Burn-In Generator

I was particularly intrigued by Bill's comment on the post Jim Smith Checking In: “Unexpected results from the Duelund DCA20GA Interconnects”: Jeff, Not really sure where to post this. I think I discovered something with the Duelund Tin wire. If its running thin and sometimes cooking them can do this. But I noticed on two different... Read More »

Jeff checking in ...

It sure was nice getting together with Andy, Pete, and Ron, last weekend to listen to music, talk about hifi, and just have a fun ol' time! I could use a little more musical & audio fellowship in my life! Alas, it's been particularly busy of late, both on the day job, and in my... Read More »

Duelund DCA12GA Tinned-Copper Speaker Cable Listening Impressions after 4 Days on the Cooker!

In my first post about my very preliminary first listening impressions of the Duelund DCA12GA tinned-copper tone wire speaker cables, that I had just cut cold off the roll, I told you how the DCA12GA as speaker cables on my Westminster's were warmer & richer sounding than the my usual bi-wire Duelund DCA16GA/DA20GA speaker cables, which I... Read More »

Duelund DCA12GA first listen! Update!

Yesterday Leo, Pete, Rahul, and Ron, stopped by for a little hi-fi and music listening fun & games, and Ron was telling me how much he likes the Duelund DCA12GA he has rewired his system with. That motivated me this morning to cut four six-foot lengths of the DCA12GA to try as a pair of... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: The Duelund DCA12GA Tinned-Copper Tone Wire!

A care package of Duelund DCA12GA tinned-copper tone wire arrived from Frederik today! Woo hoo! I've really been looking forward to giving the new Duelund DCA12GA a listen after reading all of your positive comments about it!   As a reminder from the breaking news post announcing the new DCA12GA, it uses 65 strands of 0.25mm tinned-copper... Read More »

Which is better? The Duelund DCA16GA, DCA20GA, or the Silver/Silk Interconnects?

Which is better? The Duelund DCA16GA, Duelund DCA20GA, or the Duelund Silver/Silk interconnects? The conclusion that I've come to is that they all are better, depending upon the application I'm using them for. For example, I had been using a set of nude Duelund DCA16GA interconnects to connect my vintage McIntosh MX110Z tuner-preamplifier and vintage McIntosh... Read More »

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