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Jeff checking in ... Duelund DCA10GA, Belden 8402 ICs, Sophia Electric 274B, Audio Note (UK), 78 record transfers, and other stuff!

Greetings friends, I hope you are doing great! I'll start with the "other stuff" first, which is about my likely last multi-day motorbike ride of 2023 as the inclement Fall weather arrives - which officially signals the start of the indoor audio season!  For those interested in audio only you can scroll down the page... Read More »

First listen: Duelund DCA10GA Sn-Cu speaker cables!

After reading Mark's comments in Disqus about his positive experiences with the Duelund Coherent Audio DCA10GA tinned-copper speaker cables, I've been keen on giving them a listen.  If you are new to the idea of the vintage "art of tone" inspired Duelund product line of tinned-copper loudspeaker cables, you might want to read through my... Read More »

Listening: 4 systems ... with components from Audio Note (UK), Pass Labs / First Watt, and Triode Lab! Part 1.

I've been working on an update about the 4 audio systems that are cooking here at Jeff's Place right now, and I'll be parsing out updates as Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, as I get a chance to finish writing them up, so stay tuned for much more to come as I get more time... Read More »

Long-term listening impressions: Duelund "Dual" DCA16GA Interconnects with Duelund Plastic-Free RCAs.

It has been almost exactly a year and two months ago that Frederik sent me a pair of the then newly released Duelund "Dual" DCA16GA interconnects with Duelund plastic-free RCAs to listen to (HERE).   The time has gone by so fast it is almost frightening! With more than a year of listening to them under... Read More »

Jeff checking in: Audio Note (UK), Duelund, Leben HiFi Stereo Company, Pass Labs, Sophia Electric, and other stuff!

I just finished up the feature review of the Leben HiFi Stereo Company CS-600X vacuum tube integrated amplifier for Positive Feedback, which you can read HERE.  Like the CS-600 integrated amp that preceded it, the CS-600X is a terrific moderately powerful integrated amplifier, with 32W from 6L6GC output tubes, and 28W from EL34 output tubes. ... Read More »

Updating my vintage Altec 832A Corona based system with the new Duelund 600V DCA16GA tinned-copper wire!

There's been some big changes in my vintage Altec 832A Corona based bedroom system recently. It started with me loaning my treasured Almarro A205A Mk1 EL84 single-ended-pentode integrated amplifier to my buddy Chad to use for a couple of months in his cabin system up on Lake Chelan as his cabin amp was on the... Read More »

2019 in retrospect, my 2020 New Year's Resolutions, the year ahead, and other stuff! Part 3.

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series of posts, 2019 has been a rather unprecedented year in writing about audio and music, with the year-end number of blog posts published at Jeff's Place coming in at 210, and 5 feature reviews for Positive Feedback.  I feel really fortunate to have had so much... Read More »

New "Dual" Duelund DCA16GA Tinned-Copper Wire Available at Dealers!

I got a heads up from Frederik at Duelund Coherent Audio today that the new 'Dual' Duelund DCA16GA tinned-copper wire will be available at Hi-fi Collective (UK) and Parts Connexion (North America) starting tomorrow.  The new 'Dual' DCA16GA tinned-copper wire has two of the regular baked oil-soaked cotton dielectric DCA16GA wires wrapped in an additional... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Audio Note UK, Duelund, GPA, Guitars, Leben, Music, Pass Labs, and Spec!

It is Thanksgiving week here in the States, and its a good time to reflect upon what we are thankful for. I'm looking forward to spending Thanksgiving Day with my 94 year old Mom, and hanging out with my friends Chad, Leo, Ron, and Santos for a little hifi fun & games and some general... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: The New 600V Duelund DCA16GA Tinned-Copper Wire!

I always love a mystery, and when a mysterious box appears from Frederik Carøe (Duelund Coherent Audio) I get intrigued real quick! I go through the same procedure as I did as a kid during Christmas time when checking out presents under the Christmas tree. I picked up my presents, considered their weight and size,... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Hanze HiFi, Duelund, Altec, Nelson Pass, and Audio Note UK!

It's been a while since I checked in with you and gave you a little behind the scenes glimpse into what's going on here at Jeff's Place, so I thought it'd be a good time for a short update. I've been working on the Hanze HiFi HAT turntable power supply review for Positive Feedback, and... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... turntables, the Duelund-Altec Project, Acoustic Revive, and Yazaki-san!

It's been a busy couple of weeks on the personal side of things, but I thought I'd report on what's going on at chez Jeff on the audio side of things at the moment, and what's coming up in the near term. Turntable Musical Chairs My Classic Turntable Company 301 (above) is on it's way... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... the Duelund-Altec Project and other stuff!

First of all I want to thank you for being patient with me. As some of you know, my Mom, almost 94 years of age now, has been going through some rough times health-wise. Getting her to and from doctors, hospitals, trying to help her out generally, and spending quality time with her has been... Read More »

The Duelund-Altec Project: Breadboarding the Duelund CAST Sn-Cu Crossovers!

Originally I had planned on building external crossovers for the vintage Stokowski Altec's on the beautifully made Hammond HWCHAS Series Heavy Duty Walnut Chassis With Aluminum Top (HERE). I thought the Hammond's aluminum top plate painted in Altec green like the 511-B horns would make for an attractive nod to Altec tradition. However, the large... Read More »

The Duelund CAST Carbon/Sn-Cu Resistor: The "Jeffistor" makes its debut!

I really want to thank Frederik Carøe for being so generous as to indulge a resistor idea of mine, and then going way beyond what I imagined to handcraft a truly amazing resistor, which Frederik has humorously dubbed the "Jeffistor". The idea behind this resistor was a result of my listening impressions while doing trials with... Read More »

The Duelund CAST Sn-Cu Capacitor: The World’s Finest Capacitor!

The Duelund-Altec Project is a world’s first for crossovers built exclusively using the new Duelund CAST tinned-copper (Sn-Cu) components (below), and these particular crossovers are currently the only crossovers of their kind in existence, at least for a while, until others start building their own crossovers with the new Duelund CAST Sn-Cu components. In the... Read More »

New Duelund 600V DCA20GA tinned-copper tone wire now available at Parts Connexion!

I wanted to give you a heads up that the new Duelund 600V DCA20GA tinned-copper tone wire is now available at Parts Connexion. The price of the 600V Duelund DCA20GA is $5.99 USD per meter, but is on sale now for an introductory period for $3.99 USD per meter. The 600V DCA20GA tinned-copper tone wire... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Stokowski Altec's, Duelund CAST Sn-Cu, Acoustic Revive, and more!

After my buddy Chad helped me move the big Stokowski Altec's into the position normally occupied by my Westminster Royal SE's last weekend (thanks Chad!), we did a fair amount of listening, mostly to a lot of classic rock (Chad's fave), but also some jazz. I was a  bit surprised how good the Stokowski Altec's... Read More »

The Duelund CAST tinned-copper capacitors, inductors, and resistors have arrived!

I want to share every step of the way with you about the Duelund-Altec crossover project that Frederik and I are embarking on, so that you can come as close to possible to experiencing the project as if you were doing the project for yourself. A 32.30 kilogram parcel from Frederik (Duelund) arrived at 10:30AM... Read More »

The Duelund-Altec Project is about to get under way - the adventure begins!

It's almost time for the Duelund-Altec Project to get under way! Back in November 2015 my buddy Ron Barbee and I did a road trip to Seattle to audition a pair of vintage Altec loudspeakers that were for sale. These particular Altec's were custom made for conductor Leopold Stokowski by Altec for listening to music at... Read More »

A couple of things ... Still Audio, Duelund, Fender, and music on vinyl!

There's always a lot going on here at my place, and I'm hoping you're enjoying these little updates to share it all with you. ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Still Audio ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ I'm working on writing up the Still Audio EL84 integrated amplifier review for Positive Feedback this weekend, and with a little luck I'll be able to get... Read More »

Duelund CAST Tinned-Copper 100V Capacitor Review at Humble Homemade HiFi!

I just wanted to alert you to the review at Humble Homemade HiFi of the new Duelund CAST tinned-copper 100V capacitors that are optimized for loudspeaker crossovers. A little teaser from what Tony said, "With the Duelund CAST Cu-Sn all types of music flow, become more involving, to such an extent that I was forgetting... Read More »

Duelund DCA wiring fun with Tannoy's and Altec's! Update.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been having fun trying different wiring schemes with my Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers and their Duelund CAST crossovers, as well as my vintage Altec based systems. Tannoy Westminster Royal SE based system: My living room music system is composed of Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers with outboard... Read More »

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