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Checking in and catching up ...

It's Sunday morning here at Jeff's Place, with the morning sun streaming in through the East windows, while I'm drinking a fine cup of coffee, and listening to an old Analogue Productions test pressing of Bill Evan's Waltz for Debbie that is just blowing my mind. Those Analogue Productions test pressings are freaky good, and... Read More »

Stereophile Class A Sightings

I had forgotten to mention it earlier, but in the October 2011 'Recommended Components' issue of Stereophile there's a couple of notable mentions: The EMT TSD 15 moving coil phono cartridge landed in 'Class A' by virtue of Art Dudley's earlier review of it. I have become increasingly impressed with my own EMT TSD 15... Read More »

Weekly Report: A little bit of everything ...

Well, it's been a nice past week of music listening and Hi-Fi Tom-foolery here at Jeff's Place: vintage vinyl, new remastered vinyl, playing with Acoustic Revive accessories, listening to the prototype Sablon Audio Panatella interconnects, listening again to the Leben CS660P amplifier and Leben RS-100 (not the 'U') preamplifier, listening to a variety of 300B... Read More »

The Wonder of It All

I'm sitting here in my living room tonight, relaxing after a long day in the office, listening to my favorite Chet Baker album of all time, the Someday My Price Will Come on SteepleChase that was recorded live at Montmartre in Copenhagen on October 4, 1979. I've listened to the CD version for years, and... Read More »

Morning Coffee with Stephaen, Pete, and the Pass Labs' INT-30A Integrated Amplfier

Cool guys Stephaen (6Moons) and Pete (Pete Riggle Audio) stopped by this morning for a little coffee and music listening. Stephaen brought along the Pass Labs' solid-state INT-30A integrated amplifier that he is writing an article about for 6Moons. The INT-30A is a 30-watt integrated based on the Pass Labs' XA30.5 stereo amplifier, and like... Read More »

The Analogue Productions 45 RPM Bill Evans Riverside Box Set

It is my opinion that the finest records in the history of the world are being made right now by Analogue Productions as part of their 45 RPM series. The records have both superb musicality and superb sonics, and include some of the most important recordings ever laid down on tape, at least for us... Read More »

Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

I feel a certain affinity for Hendrix, with him having been a fellow Washington State resident, and wanted to get back in touch with his music. So a few weeks back I ordered a batch of records from Acoustic Sounds that included Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland. The version I ordered was the new special edition... Read More »

Analogue Productions 45 RPM Version of You get more bounce with Curtis Counce

Quite a few years ago I bought an Acoustic Sounds test pressing of You Get More Bounce With Curtis Counce and I have really enjoyed it. The test pressings used to be offered cheaper than the regular versions of the LP because they didn't have any cover art, so I bought them whenever I could... Read More »

Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Sessions

FedEx just dropped off a box of LPs from Acoustic Sounds that I ordered a few days ago, so I'll be reporting on those LPs as I listen to them. First up is the Cowboy Junkies' The Trinity Session , named for the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto, Canada, where they recorded the... Read More »

Joe Henderson's Page One 45 RPM Blue Note Reissue by Analogue Productions

I've always enjoyed Joe Henderson's music, but his albums can be a little hard to find, so I was particularly pleased to find out that Analogue Productions has released Page One as part of their 45 RPM Blue Note Reissues series. My copy of Page One just came in the mail last night and I... Read More »

A record mat or not on the VPI Classic?

Static electricity had been giving me fits so I ended up putting a record mat on my VPI Classic to see if it would help - it did. I listened to it with the mat on it for a while, and then went back to using the platter nude (the platter, not me - see... Read More »

Miles Davis - Someday My Prince Will Come 45-RPM LP

The Analogue Productions 45-RPM version of Miles Davis' Someday My Prince Will Come that I ordered a little while back just arrived a few minutes ago. I'm a big Miles Davis fan, and this is my favorite Miles Davis album, so I could hardly wait to unpack it and put on the VPI Classic for... Read More »

Leben RS28CX Premium Preamplifier with VPI Classic TT

I hadn't tried my reference Leben RS28CX Premium preamplifier in the system yet with my VPI Classic turntable and the Westminster Royal Special Edition loudspeakers, so this morning I removed the Leben RS100U/RS30EQ combination that I've been using (excellent), and replaced it with the RS28CX Premium. Wow! The RS28CX Premium is a match made in... Read More »

VPI Classic Turntable

I just purchased a VPI Classic turntable to use as my vinyl source, and I have to say it is a beautifully made turntable. It's got a heavy machined aluminum platter, a heavy chassis, a nice walnut finish that matches my walnut equipment cabinet, and it's just a general pleasure to use and listen to.... Read More »

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