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Kramer's Best Antique Improver

If you're like me, you've had a hard time finding finding a quality wood cleaner, restorer, and preserver, that doesn't contain things you don't want on fine or vintage wood finishes (i.e. silicone), or that leaves a waxy buildup that will oxidize to a dull finish over time. I've found something I am really impressed... Read More »

Voltage conditioning RCA adapters for the Hagerman FryBaby2 compact burn-in generator!

I really appreciate the emails I get from you. Take for example the recent email from Robert Atkinson, expanding upon using the Hagerman FryBaby2 compact burn-in generator for interconnects, speaker cables, capacitors, and resistors. Jim's manual for the FryBaby2 is very brief and doesn't really give the reader a comprehensive overview of the specifics of... Read More »

Quieting Down a Noisy Vintage McIntosh MX110Z Volume Potentiometer

I have access to buying almost anything as an audio writer, and there's some really nice audio gear out there, but for a preamplifier I chose the vintage McIntosh MX110Z tuner-preamplifier, which was sold by McIntosh from 1962-1969 for the lofty price of $399. The reason is that the vintage McIntosh MX110Z tuner-preamplifier is an... Read More »

I Just Did Robbie's Leben CS-600 Lid Mod!

I reported originally on Robbie's Leben CS-600 lid mod a few weeks back, here. I immediately ordered the “120Pcs M3 Male Female Hex Brass Spacer Standoffs PCB Board Screws Nut Assortment” from eBay seller huanshop2015 ($4.99 USD), and it arrived today, so I thought I'd give Robbie's Leben lid mod a try. The stock Leben lid... Read More »

Baby its cold outside! Here's a vintage audio book recommendation to warm your heart!

It's really been snowing here, with the snow piling up, and making for nasty road conditions. The temperatures have been hovering in the single digits, but now are moving up into the balmy teens! I just put out a bunch of wild bird seed for my feathered friends, to help them out during this inhospitable cold snap,... Read More »

A Handy Western Electric WE16GA Tip!

I ran across a great tip for connecting unterminated wires like the Western Electric WE16GA to screw terminals like the vintage McIntosh amplifiers use. If you look at the photo above you can see that the WE16GA inserted into the screw terminals doesn't make good contact, and I've found if you do it that way... Read More »

Adventures in Real Sound with Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki is now live at Positive Feedback!

I finished up my Adventures in Real Sound with Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki article yesterday, and it is now live at Positive Feedback here. It has been an immense pleasure for me to get to know Yazaki-san and to tell you about him, and his ideas & recommendations for 'Real Sound' have made a wonderful difference in my hi-fi.... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Western Electric, vintage phono cartridges, music, and more!

It's been a hectic time, and I haven't been able to post as much as I'd like over the last few weeks, so I thought I'd tell you about a number of things at once to make up for lost time, like vintage Western Electric WE24GA wire, some delicious vintage phono cartridges, some music 'scores', and... Read More »

The World of Music, The First American Edition (1963), and The Leopold Shakspere (circa 1870's)

If you read the post where David King checked in to tell us about the beautiful leather bound volume (below) of ‘The World of Music’ by Kjell Bloch Sandved, you know I was intrigued, and I ordered a copy of a later edition from a used book seller on Amazon (because I couldn't find the same one... Read More »

Part 2 of the Duelund-WRSE Project is now live at Positive Feedback Online!

Part 2 of the Duelund-WRSE Project is now live at Positive Feedback Online! Enjoy!

David King Checking In: The World of Music

David King sent me a really interesting heads up about a music book that I know all of you will be really interested in: 'The World of Music' by Kjell Bloch Sandved. (All the photos below are of David's copy, and it looks like a beauty of a book!) As soon as I read David's message I... Read More »

David King Checking In: 4-Point Support for Tannoy Westminster Royals

It's always a pleasure to hear from fellow enthusiasts, and David King always has some great things to share with us about getting the most performance out of Tannoy Westminster Royals. In David's latest message he tells us about his result experimenting with 4-point support for the big West's:  Enjoy!   Tannoy Westminster Royal HE -... Read More »

Get Better Sound! Quarter Notes, Issue 15. Thanks Jim!

As many of you know, I've always been a big fan of Jim Smith and his efforts to help music lovers and hi-fi nuts like myself get the maximum performance out of the hi-fi systems they already own! That's Jim in the photo below with his beautiful Tannoy Canterbury SE loudspeakers. It's easy to get... Read More »

David King Checking In From England: Get Better Sound from Westminster Royals

I got a nice email from David King, telling me about some of his experiments in setting up his Westminster Royal loudspeakers (below), which I thought would be valuable reading to all of you here at Jeff's Place:   "Since I was last in touch I have been doing a whole series of experiments based... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: Channel D 'Pure Music' High Resolution Music Server Software

I'm currently working hard on writing the review of the Mhdt Labs Stockholm V2 vacuum tube USB DAC (below). For a digital front end I am using my iMac with the new Mavericks OS and iTunes, which I've loaded around 900 to 1000 CDs at full resolution onto. I really wanted to make sure I... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: The Soundcoat Company GPDS Damping Sheets

The Soundcoat Company has been providing specialized noise control solutions for aerospace, medical, and industrial applications since 1963. I first became aware of The Soundcoat Company through Steven Klein at Sounds of Silence (who imports the New Valve Order Audio electronics to North America), when he told me about the superb results he experienced through applying .070 GPDS vibration damping material... Read More »

The Duelund-Westminster Project is Live on Positive Feedback Online!

The Duelund-Westminster Project is live on Positive Feedback Online in Issue 70! As I mentioned in an earlier post, the article is huge with over 40 pages of text and 137 photographs. Editor Dave decided to break it up into two parts to make it a little more manageable to read on the website, and... Read More »

Today’s Fresh Catch: The Oyaide R-0 High-Performance AC Receptacle

As I've posted a couple of times recently (1, 2, 3), that while I was writing the Acoustic Revive Chronicles Chapter 10 article for Positive Feedback Online, I was very pleasantly surprised by what a tremendous performance enhancement - both musically & sonically - the Acoustic Revive modified Oyaide R-1 AC receptacles (below) were in my... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: High-Performance AC Receptacles from cruzeFIRST Audio

I just got back home from an exciting and demanding week of reviewing ... not of audio gear, but of supercomputers (the day job!). It was exciting to be part of a team reviewing a project that will produce the next generation of 100+ PFLOP supercomputers, and I was thankful for the opportunity to be... Read More »

The Week In Review and A Look Ahead: AC, Music, Vinyl, Valves, and Duelund!

High Performance Audio Starts With The In-Wall AC In Chapter 10 of the Acoustic Revive Chronicles I wrote about a high-performance in-wall Acoustic Revive AC interface that consisted of the combination of the CB-1DB receptacle base plate, the CFRP-1F carbon fiber outlet plate, and the Acoustic Revive modified Oyaide R-1 receptacle. I was impressed during... Read More »

Acoustic Revive Chronicles Chapter 10 is Live at Positive Feedback Online!

Chapter 10 of the Acoustic Revive Chronicles is now live at Positive Feedback Online here. Chapter 10 features the Acoustic Revive RL-30 Demagnetizer for LPs and it works great! This premium demagnetizer is both beautiful and effective, with the only downside being that it is limited to 300 units worldwide, so if you want one... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: High-Performance AC Receptacles from Acoustic Revive, cruzeFIRST Audio, and Oyaide

I just finished up writing Chapter 10 of The Acoustic Revive Chronicles and submitted it to the ye olde Editors Dave & David of Positive Feedback Online for publication in the very near future. I always have had fun writing about the products from Acoustic Revive, and Chapter 10 was no exception. In fact a... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: The Acoustic Revive RR-777 Schumann Generator

If you read my 6Moons review of the original Acoustic Revive RR-77 Schumann generator you're familiar with its rather remarkable effect on the listening experience (shown below in my listening room). If you haven't yet read my RR-77 article at 6Moons let me offer a quote to explain it's operation: "The Acoustic Revive RR-77 ultra-low... Read More »

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