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Today's Fresh Catch: The Collings Eastside LC Archtop Guitar

I've always loved jazz guitar. One of the highlights in my life was being able to study with the extraordinary jazz guitarist, John La Chapelle (above left), who was Larry Coryell's guitar teacher when he was a youngster and introduced him to jazz, and the two maintained their friendship over the years. Jazz guitar is... Read More »

Sneak Peek: The 13th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2016

You'll have to wait a while before the full 13th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2016 appear at Positive Feedback, but I thought you'd enjoy this sneak peek into my nominees for 2016. Enjoy! The 13th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2016 It’s always an exciting time of year when the Positive... Read More »

Part Time Audiophiles' Road Trip to Jeff's Place - The Trip Report!

It sure was nice to have Rafe & Don visit me and my pals Ron, Leo, and Pete, here at Jeff's Place, and we had a ball listening to music together. Rafe published a very gracious writeup of their visit here to Jeff's Place at Part-Time Audiophile, which you can read here. Thanks for the kind words,... Read More »

Reflections on Music & Hi-Fi

It was a lot of fun to have Rafe (Part-Time Audiophile) and Don visit Jeff's Place over the weekend, and we covered a lot of ground musically, sonically, and philosophically. From a musical perspective we did a little bit of a survey of the recording arts, starting with some very early mono recordings, progressing through... Read More »

Rafe & Don Visit Jeff's Place - Road Trip!

It's always a lot of fun to make new friends and visit with you all when you stop by. Rafe (Part-Time Audiophile) and his brother, Don, also a devoted music lover and audio nut, made the journey from beautiful Vancouver, B.C., to Jeff's Place. Welcome to Jeff's Place, Rafe and Don! Pete and I met Rafe... Read More »

An Akihabara Audio Adventure: Gary Bronner's Visit to Sun Audio in Tokyo

While Gary Bronner and I were discussing the upcoming A5 'Voice of the Theatre' project, he was telling me about his recent visit to Sun Audio in Tokyo. It sounded like such a fun trip I asked Gary if it would be ok to share it with all of you, as I thought you'd all enjoy... Read More »

Chad’s Second Annual ‘Seattle Through The Back Door’ Bicycle Tour

Last week was my second annual 'Seattle Through the Back Door' bicycle tour with my buddy Chad (below), so I thought I'd share a few of the highlights with you. In case you're wondering about the title, it's a tip of the hat to one of my favorite Europe tour providers, Rick Steves, who's based in Edmonds,... Read More »

The Third Annual ANVIL Award Celebration!

Labor Day weekend here in the States signals the greatly anticipated arrival of the annual ANVIL Award gathering put on by those inveterate audio statesmen, Stephaen Harrell (6Moons) and Pete Riggle (Pete Riggle Audio Engineering). In the photo below, that's Stephaen on the left, Pete on the right, and this year's ANVIL awardee, 'My Last... Read More »

Other Stuff: Good food, good times, and Mauviel M'Heritage Copper M250C.

You might have noticed that the tagline on my Jeff's Place blog is "Music, Hi-Fi, Fotografie, and Other Stuff".  This post is about the 'other stuff'. It's a lot of fun to combine food and music, like I did recently when visiting Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie in Spokane, Washington, with Cindy, while taking in the nine-time... Read More »

Pete's Place: Pete's got a sixteen inch Woody and a massive pair of B's

It's always a real pleasure to visit the irrepressible Peter Pan of audio, Pete Riggle. It was a real bonus that Ron (below center left), Leo (not pictured), Stephaen (center right), Bill (lower right), and John (left) were there too, they're my audio heroes one and all! Some of you may remember Bill from my 6Moons... Read More »

Hi-Fi Road Trip: George's Place

It's always a lot of fun to gather together with friends for a little Hi-Fi listening, and Leo, Ron, and myself had a blast visiting George's Place for a little Hi-Fi fun and games. That's George's system below, with Leo, George, and Ron, left to right. Here's a description of George's system starting with the... Read More »

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