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An On-line Vacuum Tube Reference & A Little Tube Rolling in the Fi 300B Monos - Updated August 10, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! After drinking a couple cups of coffee this morning, I decided to warm up the Hi-Fi rig and do a little tube rolling in the Fi 300B mono amplifiers, which is a great way to have little fun on a Friday morning! My Fi 300B monos came with Sovtek 5AR4 rectifiers (far... Read More »

Tweaks, Mods, and 'Tudes

Tweaks and mods can run the gamut from a simple vacuum tube or AC power cord swap, to changing equipment footers, to soldering in different capacitors or resistors in amplification components or loudspeakers, rewiring a component with your favorite wire, to altering a circuit design. I've enjoyed vintage projects, like the Garrard Project (1) (2)... Read More »

David King's Tannoy Westminster Royal Modifications

Fellow Tannoy Westminster Royal enthusiast David King recently contacted me to tell me about his positive results when upgrading the internal wiring connectors, driver connecting plugs, binding posts, and speaker support system of his Tannoy Westminster Royal HE loudspeakers. David has written a paper detailing his modifications, and has graciously agreed to share what he... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: Bill Evans Trio - in Helsinki 1970 on DVD - a wow!

Today’s Fresh Catch is the Bill Evans Trio’s in Helsinki 1970 on DVD. Like The Oslo Concerts DVD, you will not want to miss this DVD, which is available from Amazon.com for just $18.99 USD. Speaking of The Oslo Concerts be sure to read Laurie Verchomin's response to that post here for a link to... Read More »

A $10K 'David' Hi-Fi That Kicks Ass on $100K 'Goliath' Hi-Fi Systems

I just wrapped up a review for Positive Feedback Online about Jim Smith's Reference DVD Set of Get Better Sound on setting up high-performance audio & video systems that I mentioned in Today's Fresh Catch awhile back. The review just appeared in the January/February Issue 59 here. If you've been reading my writing for a... Read More »

Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song ... timbral listening

I had a revelation in musical understanding while listening to Mark Coles' Sablon Audio Panatela interconnects while writing the review for Positive Feedback Online. The musical revelation that dawned on me was the importance of timbral listening in my personal hierarchy of listening priorities. The significance of that revelation to understanding my listening preferences has... Read More »

Disclosure about what appears here at Jeff's Place

I am a 2-wheel nut. I've been riding bicycles since I could walk, and riding & racing motorcycles on and off-road (motocross) for nearly that long. My two wheel excursions these days revolve around my more sedate vintage Honda CR450 Cafe bike, and my Trek 5000 bicycle. I did my 25 mile commute to work... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: Get Better Sound 3 DVD Set

Those of you who read my book review at Positive Feedback Online of Jim Smith's Get Better Sound know that I hold Jim and his talents in the highest regard. Jim's book is a must have, and in the review I said: "I highly recommend Get Better Sound by Jim Smith, and I think it... Read More »

So you want to be an audio reviewer? Part 1: How you get started.

Over the years I’ve had a few folks ask me about how I got started in writing about audio, and similarly, about how a fellow Hi-Fi enthusiast might go about getting started writing about audio. For a first time audio writer, getting started is almost always by invitation from another audio writer. For example, I... Read More »

So you want to be an audio reviewer?

I've been thinking (always a dangerous thing ;-)) that it would be a good idea to write a series of posts about how the audio review process works, and what's involved in a 'cradle to grave' review. I think it would be really informative for a lot of enthusiasts, and would help you understand what... Read More »

DIY World-Class Interconnects for Peanuts - The Dark Matter IC

I get a lot of e-mail inquiries about the do-it-yourself (DIY) White Lightening Moonshine cables article I wrote for Six Moons way back in September of 2007, which has been second only to the interest generated by the Garrard Project articles (1, 2, 3) I started writing even further back in September of 2004. I... Read More »

Errata: References & Hi-Fi Crème & DIY

Errata 1: I just wanted to let you know I added a 'reference' tab to the top bar to pull up posts that are of ongoing usefulness so they will be easier to find. The bypass mod for the CS660P, system setup articles, and the CS600 & CS660P tube settings tables are there for now,... Read More »

Leben CS660P Power Amplifier Alps Bypass (Hi Mom!)

I talked to my Mom and Dad on the phone tonight, and Mom mentioned she was a little worried about me because I hadn't posted anything new at Jeff's Place for a while (I am blessed with the most terrific parents you can imagine!). It turns out that I've been busier than usual, so I've... Read More »

A Quick & Easy “How-To” On Getting Started with a Computer as a Digital Source

Fellow music lover Charlie Schnyder asked me if I would be willing to write a quick and easy “how-to” post about getting started with a computer hard drive as a digital source. As Charlie mentioned in his e-mail to me, there are a lot of music lovers who would like to take their existing CD... Read More »

A Simple Guide to Creating a Musically Satisfying Hi-Fi System

You would not believe how many e-mails I have received over time from fellow music lovers and audiophiles that start out with, "My Hi-Fi system sucks, I need some advice ..." or a variation on that. Most of the time people ask me about getting a new piece of Hi-Fi gear that will remedy their... Read More »

Winning Combinations

I've been very pleased to read how various Stereophile writers (Stephen Mejias, John Atkinson, Robert Deutsch, John Marks, and Art Dudley, if I remember correctly) have praised the Leben CS300 and CS600 integrated amplifier based Hi-Fi systems featured at the Salon and Image Show in Toronto over the last few years. The common thread in... Read More »

Leben CS600/CS660P Vacuum Tube Settings Tables

I fell in love with the Leben Hi-Fi electronics back in February of 2007 when I wrote an article about the Leben CS600 integrated amplifier for 6Moons. I ended up buying the review unit (the ultimate recommendation) and have been using it nearly every day in my second system, which is in a small “BBC-sized”... Read More »

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