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Positive Feedback Online Writers Choice Awards for 2014!

The complete Positive Feedback Online Writers Choice Awards for 2014 just went live a little bit ago here. My contributions to the awards are below. Jeff Day's Awards for 2014 It is always an exciting time of year when the Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards roll around, because I get to tell you about... Read More »

2013 in Review, Secret Insights, and a Look Behind the Veil of 2014! (part 2)

Yesterday evening I wrote myself into a state of burnout, so for therapy I spent the rest of the evening listening to music for pleasure, drank a cup of good Ethiopian coffee with its 'citrus & dark cocoa' flavor tones to help keep my ears open, and then finally had a glass of a nice... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: Channel D 'Pure Music' High Resolution Music Server Software

I'm currently working hard on writing the review of the Mhdt Labs Stockholm V2 vacuum tube USB DAC (below). For a digital front end I am using my iMac with the new Mavericks OS and iTunes, which I've loaded around 900 to 1000 CDs at full resolution onto. I really wanted to make sure I... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch - The Mhdt Labs Stockholm V2 USB DAC

As I mentioned in my last post on upcoming reviews, the Fab Four of Mhdt Labs: Mouse, Horse, Dog, and Tiger, sent me their Stockholm V2 USB DAC to review for Positive Feedback Online. As you know, I've reviewed both the Mhdt Labs Paradisea+ and Havana for Positive Feedback Online, and I've really liked what I've heard. You... Read More »

Upcoming Reviews at Positive Feedback Online

Happy Sunday everyone!  😀 Here's what's in my current review queue and what you can expect to see reviewed at Positive Feedback Online in the future. Next in the queue is the ASR Basis Exclusive phono equalizer that is the matching equalizer for the ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue amplifier just reviewed at Positive... Read More »

Behind the Scenes: Getting ready for the Acoustic Revive Chronicles Chapter 9 Article for PFO

I think most of you are familiar with my writings over the years about the superb Acoustic Revive Hi-Fi performance products from Japan, but just in case you're not, let me provide a quick introduction from an earlier article: "Those who have been following the Acoustic Revive Chronicles know all about Mr. Ken Ishiguro and... Read More »

Apple TV Fun & Games

Just for fun I purchased an Apple TV to replace my the Roku box that I use to stream Netflix media. I hooked my new little Apple TV up via a Toslink connection to my Mhdt Labs Paradisea+ vacuum tube USB DAC. Toslink is not the best way to connect in the digital world, but... Read More »

Sunday's Fresh Catch: The Acoustic Revive USB-2.0 SP Cable

I just got in for review at Positive Feedback Online what can only be described as a really astonishing USB cable that connects a USB DAC to a computer - the Acoustic Revive USB-2.0 SP. On the DAC end there is a single USB-out connector, but on the computer end(s!) there are two USB connectors... Read More »

A Quick & Easy “How-To” On Getting Started with a Computer as a Digital Source

Fellow music lover Charlie Schnyder asked me if I would be willing to write a quick and easy “how-to” post about getting started with a computer hard drive as a digital source. As Charlie mentioned in his e-mail to me, there are a lot of music lovers who would like to take their existing CD... Read More »

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