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2019 in retrospect, my 2020 New Year's Resolutions, the year ahead, and other stuff! Part 3.

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series of posts, 2019 has been a rather unprecedented year in writing about audio and music, with the year-end number of blog posts published at Jeff's Place coming in at 210, and 5 feature reviews for Positive Feedback.  I feel really fortunate to have had so much... Read More »

New "Dual" Duelund DCA16GA Tinned-Copper Wire Available at Dealers!

I got a heads up from Frederik at Duelund Coherent Audio today that the new 'Dual' Duelund DCA16GA tinned-copper wire will be available at Hi-fi Collective (UK) and Parts Connexion (North America) starting tomorrow.  The new 'Dual' DCA16GA tinned-copper wire has two of the regular baked oil-soaked cotton dielectric DCA16GA wires wrapped in an additional... Read More »

A DIY Duelund 600V DCA20GA RCA interconnect - first listen!

As I mentioned in my earlier listening impressions for selecting the optimal mix of the vintage-inspired Duelund DCA tinned-copper tone cables for the Duelund-Altec Project (HERE), I was particularly fascinated by Bill's intriguing comment on The Duelund-Altec Project: DCA16GA vs DCA20GA for the Altec 804A 16-Ohm compression drivers? post HERE. Bill shared his experiences with the new 600V... Read More »

The Duelund Coherent Audio RCA Connectors!

As you know, I’m a huge fan of the Duelund DCA series of tinned-copper tone wire for building interconnects (the DCA20GA and DCA16GA). In fact, one high-profile industry insider with impeccable credentials and taste told me that his Duelund DCA20GA interconnects terminated with Duelund RCA’s are the best sounding interconnects he’s heard at any price.... Read More »

A look through the crystal ball at what's coming to Jeff's Place in 2019!

It sure is delight to be up and running here on Jeff's Place at Positive Feedback for 2019, and I'm "sharpening up my pencil" now to do a little writing about music, hifi, and other stuff for you! I'm in the process of vetting review inquiries sent to me, and sending out review inquiries of my... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... the Duelund-Altec Project and other stuff!

First of all I want to thank you for being patient with me. As some of you know, my Mom, almost 94 years of age now, has been going through some rough times health-wise. Getting her to and from doctors, hospitals, trying to help her out generally, and spending quality time with her has been... Read More »

New Duelund 600V DCA20GA tinned-copper tone wire now available at Parts Connexion!

I wanted to give you a heads up that the new Duelund 600V DCA20GA tinned-copper tone wire is now available at Parts Connexion. The price of the 600V Duelund DCA20GA is $5.99 USD per meter, but is on sale now for an introductory period for $3.99 USD per meter. The 600V DCA20GA tinned-copper tone wire... Read More »

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