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State-of-the-System Report for January 2017. Update x 2.

It's bright and early on Saturday morning and I'm up drinking espresso, as my custom is lately, starting my mornings with two café allongés to get the morning rolling. It works! My primary music system has achieved such a nice overall balance musically & sonically of late that I'm just sitting back, settling in, and enjoying the fruits of... Read More »

Jesper Checking In!

It's always a pleasure to meet a like minded music lover like Jesper, who loves music and is having fun putting cool hi-fi gear throughout his home. Jesper has a nice mix of vintage and modern gear that fits right in with me and my pals here at Jeff's Place! Jesper told me: "At the... Read More »

Preliminary Listening Impressions of the New Duelund CAST Silver-Copper Hybrid Capacitors.

I was able to get in a nice listening session with the new Duelund CAST silver-copper hybrid capacitors, and I wanted to give you the scoop on my initial listening impressions. My apologies to Frederik for the lengthy delay in writing about his new hybrid silver-copper Duelund CAST capacitors, as it has taken much longer than I... Read More »

The Duelund CAST Hybrid Silver-Copper Capacitors Adventure

I wanted to tell you a little more about the new 6.8uF Duelund CAST hybrid silver-copper capacitors from Frederik that I mentioned in this post. As a refresher, let me remind you how the hand-crafted Duelund CAST silver & copper capacitors are made. In the Duelund CAST capacitors Frederik uses only pure annealed soft copper... Read More »

The Westminster Royal SE Duelund CAST Crossover Project: Hybrid Silver-Copper CAST Capacitors

I'm on a crossover roll to start off 2016, and now it's time to discuss some exciting developments with the Duelund CAST crossovers that form the beating heart of my Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers. In the The Duelund Coherent Audio / Tannoy Westminster Royal Special Edition Project that I chronicled in real time here at Jeff's... Read More »

Frank Checking In: Westminsters, Duelund, The Lark Ascending, and an Old Friend

With its cooler temperatures and wetter weather, Autumn in the Pacific Northwest is a time when life starts to shift indoors. It means kicking off new audio projects, getting the fireplace going, getting out a good book, with the muse of music stirring thoughts of the past as well as dreams for the future. So it is also with my... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... a peek into the crystal ball at what is to come!

There's a lot of exciting audio projects coming up which I think you'll find very interesting. The one that's occupying a lot of my attention right now is the upcoming Altec Lansing A5 Voice of the Theatre project. In my introductory post I mentioned that I had chosen the Altec Lansing 515E ceramic magnet low... Read More »

Adventures in Real Sound with Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki is now live at Positive Feedback!

I finished up my Adventures in Real Sound with Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki article yesterday, and it is now live at Positive Feedback here. It has been an immense pleasure for me to get to know Yazaki-san and to tell you about him, and his ideas & recommendations for 'Real Sound' have made a wonderful difference in my hi-fi.... Read More »

Siedy Checking In from The Netherlands: Listening Adventures With SPEC Real Sound Amps!

Listening Adventures With the Wonderful SPEC Amps! By Siedy Abee I am one of those guys who is a regular reader of Jeff's Place. It is always a great pleasure to open up Jeff's website and to read about his newest adventures. This year Jeff reported about a new amp from SPEC (here). I had never heard about the SPEC... Read More »

Vintage Western Electric WE16GA

"Nobody is going to believe what we're hearing from your Westminsters with this Western Electric internal wiring," said Ron, "it's hard to put into words how good it sounds." Ron and I just spent Sunday morning and a good part of the afternoon rewiring my Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers with vintage Western Electric WE16GA wire from Mr.... Read More »

Saturday Afternoon Jazz ... and other stuff

I like to bring my Mom & Dad over to visit on the weekend, fix them a nice dinner, and spend some time catching up. They've been through a hard time the last few years, starting with when my Dad took a bad fall at home, ended up in the hospital, then a skilled nursing facility,... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Western Electric, Belden 8402, McIntosh, Westminsters and a Woody!

It's been a fun & interesting time here at Jeff's Place, with an overwhelmingly positive response from all of you to the posts about the DIY projects of Western Electric WE16GA wire for use as speaker cables, and the Belden 8402 microphone cable for use as interconnects, that Mr. Yazaki-san of SPEC told us about. Thank you... Read More »

Frank Rodgers Checking In: State of the Duelund-WRSE System Report

It's always a treat to hear from Frank, and Frank's system is looking awesome! Hi Jeff,  The Tannoy/Duelund story has been quiet so I thought it was time to bring you my new and perhaps final musical experience resting place. A few weeks ago you reported on “Howard Checking in from the U.K.” about his Tannoy/Duelund... Read More »

James Checking In: Tannoy Canterbury SEs

I absolutely love it when you take time to write me and tell me about your hi-fi. I got a message from James telling me about his Tannoy Canterbury SE based system, and I thought James' hi-fi was so nicely done I wanted to share it with all of you! Beautiful! Hi Jeff,  Attached is a photo of my Canterbury... Read More »

The Duelund-WRSE Project, Part 2: Duelund CAST Silver Capacitors and Duelund CAST Silver & Copper Autotransformers – Listening Impressions

Here's my listening impressions for the Duelund CAST Silver Capacitors and Duelund CAST Silver & Copper Autotransformers. I hope you enjoy it! Listening Impressions The Stock Westminster Royal SE Loudspeakers Let me repeat myself a little, with excerpts from the Part 1 article of the Duelund-WRSE Project, to put everything in context for the Part 2 changes... Read More »

Part 2 of the Duelund-WRSE Project is now live at Positive Feedback Online!

Part 2 of the Duelund-WRSE Project is now live at Positive Feedback Online! Enjoy!

The Duelund-WRSE Project, Part 2: Duelund CAST Silver Capacitors and Duelund CAST Silver & Copper Autotransformers - Introduction

I just completed the second Duelund-WRSE Project article and sent it to Editors Dave & David at Positive Feedback Online. I ended up at 42 pages of Word text and 69 photographs by the time I finished it. I have to say I'm pretty excited about the article, and I really hope you all enjoy... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: Custom McIntosh Audio Cabinets (and a short Duelund Update)

Hi Everyone! Like usual, I've had way too many things going on at once so it has been hard for me to get some new posts up for you. One of the things I've been wanting to tell you about is some custom McIntosh audio cabinets that I have run across that I think look really... Read More »

David King Checking In: 4-Point Support for Tannoy Westminster Royals

It's always a pleasure to hear from fellow enthusiasts, and David King always has some great things to share with us about getting the most performance out of Tannoy Westminster Royals. In David's latest message he tells us about his result experimenting with 4-point support for the big West's:  Enjoy!   Tannoy Westminster Royal HE -... Read More »

Sunday Afternoon at Jeff's Place

I had my friends Leo, George, Ron, Stephaen (6Moons), my girlfriend Rosalie, and Santos, over for a listening session last Sunday afternoon. First we listened to some interesting grounding loops from Mark Coles (Sablon Audio) that can be used on speaker cables, interconnects, and the Duelund-WRSE connections. Mark says the grounding loops are basically short loops of... Read More »

The Week in Review and a Look Ahead!

It has been a busy couple of months here at Jeff's Place, with lots going on across multiple fronts. On the hi-fi front it has been non-stop excitement with the Duelund CAST components from Frederik Carøe in Denmark as Part 2 of the Duelund-Westminster Royal SE External Crossover Project kicks into high gear! Duelund-WRSE external crossovers... Read More »

Get Better Sound! Quarter Notes, Issue 15. Thanks Jim!

As many of you know, I've always been a big fan of Jim Smith and his efforts to help music lovers and hi-fi nuts like myself get the maximum performance out of the hi-fi systems they already own! That's Jim in the photo below with his beautiful Tannoy Canterbury SE loudspeakers. It's easy to get... Read More »

Duelund CAST Silver Autotransformers for Tannoy Prestige Loudspeakers

In my last post I described the new Duelund CAST Copper & Silver Autotransformers designed by Frederik Carøe to replace the stock Tannoy autotransformer. The same model of Tannoy autotransformer is used in all Tannoy loudspeaker crossovers where an autotransformer is used, and like all of the parts choices in the stock Tannoy crossovers, they were chosen... Read More »

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