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Happy Holidays! Triode Lab 45 EVO tube rolling, 2023 Writers' Choice Awards, and other stuff!

Greetings friends, and Happy Holidays to you! I hope you are all doing great this Holiday Season. 🙂 Here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA we've been inundated with rain from the atmospheric river that is dumping on us, with record levels of rain - estimated at 10 trillion gallons over the last week... Read More »

Positive Feedback Review Sneak Peek: Sexy Blue Tubes - The New Sophia Electric Aqua II 274B Rectifier!

The feature review of the new Sophia Electric Aqua II 274B rectifier is now live at Positive Feedback HERE. Enjoy!  As is my custom, I like to give the readers of Jeff's Place a preview of upcoming articles for Positive Feedback, which in this case is the new Sophia Electric Aqua II 274B rectifier.  The... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Duelund DCA10GA, Belden 8402 ICs, Sophia Electric 274B, Audio Note (UK), 78 record transfers, and other stuff!

Greetings friends, I hope you are doing great! I'll start with the "other stuff" first, which is about my likely last multi-day motorbike ride of 2023 as the inclement Fall weather arrives - which officially signals the start of the indoor audio season!  For those interested in audio only you can scroll down the page... Read More »

Richard gives us a tour of his new Sophia Electric 'Aqua II' 274B rectifier! Now with a postscript of listening observations.

As soon as I put Richard's new Aqua II 274B rectifier in the Triode Lab EVO 45 SET amp I knew something special was going on. Fresh out the box the Aqua II 274B sounded gorgeous: beautifully natural tone, a huge sense of recorded acoustic, gorgeous tone color, a vivid sense of imaging presence, and... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: The Sophia Electric 'Aqua II' 274B - hooray!

A lot of us tubeaholics have been sweating bullets about the unavailability of vacuum tubes coming out of China and Russia due to covid pandemic induced factory shutdowns, supply chain issues, and trade restrictions (Russia).  We've all been hoping that everything would get sorted out and vacuum tubes would start to flow again before the... Read More »

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