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Jeff Checking in: Lefson, Duelund, Sumile, and the Altec A5 Voice of the Theatre Project!

This morning I'm writing the introductory part of the Lefson resistor article for Positive Feedback while listening to music, with plans to write up listening impressions on how the Lefson resistors performed in my Altec A7 Voice of the Theatre project crossovers tomorrow, and hopefully write a summary & conclusions section before the end of the weekend. I hope... Read More »

The Lefson Resistors from France - Update!

This is the fifth post I've written about the Lefson resistors that are manufactured by Xavier Lefebvre in Wormhout, France. Let me summarize what I've written about Lefson until now: In my first post I introduced the three product lines of carbon/silver audio resistors that are available from Lefson, the Premium, the Supra, and Ultra. The Premium resistor from Lefson is... Read More »

A look into the future through the audio crystal ball! Part 3 – Yazaki-san and Western Electric & Vintage McIntosh!

As I posted earlier, I'm really looking forward to trying friend Yazaki-san's ideas for modifying my vintage McIntosh MC30 monaural amplifiers. It's always fun doing audio adventures with Yazaki-san, as his insight, knowledge, and experience have really changed the way I think about audio performance, and for voicing my system at the 'DNA level' using resistors,... Read More »

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