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Meditations: Journey into the whirlwind ... and back out!

"Journey into the whirlwind ..." isn't actually a nod to the memoir by the same name, written by Eugenia Ginzburg, about her life and imprisonment under the rule of Joseph Stalin. Neither is it a reference to the last three years of being "imprisoned" by the coronavirus pandemic, the resulting social isolation, and the limited... Read More »

Meditations on High-Fidelity: Andy Moore shares his audio insights from the Land Down Under!

Andy Moore traveled all the way from Australia to Seattle for a work-related conference, and while in the Emerald City, Andy made a 400 mile plus side trip to stop by Jeff's Place for a visit. It was a pleasure and true honor to meet Andy and get to know him, and I'm so glad Andy was... Read More »

Meditations on High-Fidelity: A brief history of equalization in the recording arts and its relevance to audio enthusiasts today. Part 1.

While it might not be intuitive to the music listener enjoying their favorite albums at home, from the very first recording that was ever made circa 1860 until now, every single recording of music has had equalization applied to it to produce a unique document of a recorded musical event. Sometimes the applied equalization was... Read More »

Meditations on High-Fidelity: The history and evolution of the audio arts ...

For those of you who have been reading my scribbling about music and audio over the last decade or so, you know from time-to-time I've discussed the various subgroups of audio enthusiasts who each have a particular view on what audio is all about, and who have developed a particular vocabulary emphases based on their interests... Read More »

Meditations on High-Fidelity: My audio system sucks, what should I do?

"My audio system sucks, what should I do?"   I think you would be astonished to see the amount of emails asking that question that I receive from my fellow audio and music enthusiasts on an ongoing basis.    There's a lot of music listeners out there that are unhappy with the performance of their... Read More »

Meditations on High-Fidelity: In the beginning was music ...

In my introductory post on the topic of high-fidelity audio, I told you about the discussions that Peter Qvortrup (Audio Note (UK)) and I have been having about the state of contemporary audio – an audio state of the union, so to speak – and it turns out we have a rather significant Venn overlap... Read More »

Meditations on High-Fidelity: An introduction ...

Welcome to a new series of informal essays that are meditations about what high-fidelity is, or perhaps could be, in enthusiast audio. There are a lot of dimensions to exploring high-fidelity in enthusiast audio, but the first question one might ask is, “What does high-fidelity mean in enthusiast audio?” One possible definition of many is... Read More »

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