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Jeff checking in ... Lefson review is done, Duelund DCA20GA, and a look forward through the crystal ball!

It has been a busy audio weekend, and I'm trying to get caught back up after Jeff's Place going down due to the hacking event last week. The good news is that you've encouraged me to keep going with Jeff's Place for the foreseeable future. I was pretty discouraged after the hacking event, but with all... Read More »

A look into the future through the audio crystal ball! Part 4 – A New Vintage McIntosh Adventure with the C-8 - OMG!

It's always exciting to start a new audio adventure with vintage hi-fi electronics, and I'm particularly excited about my new vintage audio adventure with the vintage monaural McIntosh C-8 'Professional Audio Compensators' as McIntosh called them, or phono preamplifiers, as the rest of us call them. I read where the original principals at McIntosh thought... Read More »

A look into the future through the audio crystal ball! Part 3 – Yazaki-san and Western Electric & Vintage McIntosh!

As I posted earlier, I'm really looking forward to trying friend Yazaki-san's ideas for modifying my vintage McIntosh MC30 monaural amplifiers. It's always fun doing audio adventures with Yazaki-san, as his insight, knowledge, and experience have really changed the way I think about audio performance, and for voicing my system at the 'DNA level' using resistors,... Read More »

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