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The Seven Books In Seven Days Challenge - an "Other Stuff" post!

The tag line on Jeff's Place is "Music, Hi-Fi, and Other Stuff". This is an "Other Stuff" post. My friend Andy Moore invited me to join the "Seven Books in Seven Days Challenge" on Facebook.  As a prolific reader, I thought Andy's invite was an opportunity to reflect back on some of my favorite books... Read More »

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jeffe ...

Today's post was inspired by Georges Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,  one of my favorite pointillist impressionism paintings, showing Parisians relaxing in a park on the banks of the Seine (below). In a silly oddio variation on a theme, you get my music, film, literature, and audio impressions while I'm relaxing... Read More »

Why your hi-fi sucks or doesn't: Music, the brain, and emotion.

For many years I've been fascinated with what makes some home music systems so musically satisfying, and others not so much. It seems almost humorously non-controversial now, but back a decade ago or so when I started writing about my belief that a home music system's ability to realistically portray the fundamental aspects of live music, like timbre,... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: McIntosh by Ken Kessler

I just bought a copy of Ken Kessler's McIntosh history book direct from McIntosh for $150 USD. It is a big, beautifully done, coffee table style book written by Ken Kessler in 2006. There's lots of good content for Mac fans including chapters about McIntosh's roots, vacuum tube designs, the use of McIntosh in live &... Read More »

The World of Music, The First American Edition (1963), and The Leopold Shakspere (circa 1870's)

If you read the post where David King checked in to tell us about the beautiful leather bound volume (below) of ‘The World of Music’ by Kjell Bloch Sandved, you know I was intrigued, and I ordered a copy of a later edition from a used book seller on Amazon (because I couldn't find the same one... Read More »

David King Checking In: The World of Music

David King sent me a really interesting heads up about a music book that I know all of you will be really interested in: 'The World of Music' by Kjell Bloch Sandved. (All the photos below are of David's copy, and it looks like a beauty of a book!) As soon as I read David's message I... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: Old Vinyl and New Vinyl!

John La Chapelle was a legendary jazz guitarist here in the Pacific Northwest, and also taught many students the art of playing the guitar over the years. John passed away at the age of 91 in March of this year, and is greatly missed by all of us who knew him. Below is a photo... Read More »

The Week In Review and A Look Ahead: Musical Nirvana, LPs, Chapter 10 of the Acoustic Revive Chronicles, and Upcoming Reviews

I have achieved a level of musical nirvana over the last week that I haven't experienced since the departure of the wonderful ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue amplifier designed by the talented Friedrich Schaefer in Germany. In fact, my system is performing at a level quite a ways above even what I was experiencing when that... Read More »

Kenneth Rexroth - An American Experience

While traveling through Turkey recently, one of the more frequent questions I encountered was about books, both as smalltalk in the "What have you been reading lately?" or the "What are your favorite books?" context, or at times with the much more interesting context of, "What books best describe the essence of your American experience?"... Read More »

Maps of Time - an Introduction to Big History by David Christian

The best book I've read this year is Maps of Time, An Introduction to Big History, by David Christian, published by the University of California Press. I was trained as a chemist, and taught chemistry at the University while in graduate school. Recently though, it's history that has really intrigued me. Maps of Time has... Read More »

The Analects of Confucius

I love to read, much in the same way I love music. I’ve been reading through one of the classics of ancient China, The Analects of Confucius. There's lots of versions of these writings, and I bought a copy of The Analects of Confucius - A Philosophical Translation by Roger T. Ames and Henry Rosemont... Read More »

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