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Positive Feedback Review Sneak Peek: Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company CS-300F Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier - A Blockbuster of an Integrated Amplifier!

Update: The full feature review of the Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company CS-300F vacuum tube integrated amplifier has now been published at Positive Feedback. You can read it HERE.  As is my custom, I like to give you a 'review sneak peek' into my soon to be published feature articles for Positive Feedback.  This time the feature article 'sneak peek'... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Audio Note (UK), First Watt, Leben, Pass Labs, and Triode Lab!

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, I had hoped 2021 would usher in a reprieve from our troubled world, but it was not to be. Locally, we've had weeks of 100F+ weather, smoke from wildfires filling the air, and the delta variant of the coronavirus is filling the local hospitals to overflow with unvaccinated (mostly)... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: The Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company CS-300F Integrated Amplifier!

I always get a little bit excited when there's a knock on the door and its the friendly FedEx delivery person dropping off a new piece of hifi kit to write about for you here at Jeff's Place and Positive Feedback.  This time FedEx dropped off a hefty little parcel from our friends Yoshi Hontani and Elia Hontani at... Read More »

Jeff checking in: Pass Labs, Audio Note (UK), First Watt, Triode Lab, Leben, Duelund, the upcoming Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards, and other stuff!

I thought it was time for me to check in and tell you what's going on here at Jeff's Place, what is upcoming at Positive Feedback, and about a few other things that are rattling around inside my noggin at the moment. First off, we are now in the fourth quarter of 2020, and 2020 is going fast,... Read More »

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