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Listening: 4 systems ... with components from Audio Note (UK), Pass Labs / First Watt, and Triode Lab! Part 1.

I've been working on an update about the 4 audio systems that are cooking here at Jeff's Place right now, and I'll be parsing out updates as Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, as I get a chance to finish writing them up, so stay tuned for much more to come as I get more time... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: The HAT Turntable Power Supply from Jaap Pees!

Today's Fresh Catch is the HAT Turntable Power Supply from Jaap Pees of Hanze HiFi in the Netherlands. The HAT Turntable Power Supply is a substantial piece of electronics measuring 8¾ inches wide, by 5 inches high, and 12 inches deep, and weighs in at approximately 11 pounds / 5 kilograms on my utility scale.... Read More »

Long Term Report: My 2015 Garrard Project in 2017!

In my original "Garrard Project" back in 2004, I started with a nice old original 301 in a simple plinth, and built it up into a music-making machine - the results were superb! Those vintage Garrard 301's (and 401's) are really wonderful classics of turntable design, and they have endeared themselves to generations of music... Read More »

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