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Review Sneak Peek: The New First Watt F8 Stereo Amplifier from Nelson Pass: Time Travel In a Black Box!

The full article about the First Watt F8 is now available at Positive Feedback to read HERE. Enjoy! As is my custom, I like to show you a "sneak peek" of upcoming articles for Positive Feedback.  In this sneak peek you'll see a preview of my upcoming The New First Watt F8 Stereo Amplifier from Nelson Pass: Time... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Audio Note (UK), First Watt, Leben, Pass Labs, and Triode Lab!

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, I had hoped 2021 would usher in a reprieve from our troubled world, but it was not to be. Locally, we've had weeks of 100F+ weather, smoke from wildfires filling the air, and the delta variant of the coronavirus is filling the local hospitals to overflow with unvaccinated (mostly)... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Audio Note (UK), First Watt, Leben, Pass Labs, and Music!

It was a pleasure writing about the Audio Note (UK) Io I MC phono cartridge, AN-S4 step-up transformer, AN-V silver interconnects, and AN-SPe silver loudspeaker cables for Positive Feedback ... ... as well as sharing some of my long term impressions about the Audio Note (UK) Oto Phono SE Signature integrated amplifier and Audio Note... Read More »

The First Watt SIT-3, the First Watt F8, the Pass Labs XA25 stereo amplifiers, and David!

My friend, David Gitlen, who is one heck of a great jazz guitarist, has been teaching me jazz guitar once a week. David is amazingly knowledgable about everything related to music, jazz, and guitars, and I sure have been learning a lot from David since I started taking lessons from him. David has been bringing... Read More »

The Pass Labs XP-17 phono preamp!

I've been listening to the Pass Labs XP-17 phono preamp in various system configurations for a while now to get a feel for its overall performance, and its versatility in combining with other equipment, so I thought I'd provide an update as I work towards the XP-17's feature review for Positive Feedback.  To quote the Pass Labs... Read More »

Jeff checking in ... Triode Lab 45 EVO SET amp, Sophia Electric 45 and 274B vacuum tubes, Pass Labs XP-17 phono stage, First Watt F8 amp, and more!

I've got a lot of really interesting hifi things to tell you about, but it may take me a little longer than usual to fill you in on all the details, as the last few weeks have been difficult on the home front, and it is likely to be that way for a while longer. ... Read More »

Today's Fresh Catch: The First Watt F8 stereo amplifier!

I've had the good fortune to listen to audio components of late that have become my new performance benchmarks in ways I couldn't have imagined even a few short years ago. For music lovers, the good news is that these components have an extraordinary ability to play the wide swath of recordings that spans our... Read More »

Jeff checking in: Pass Labs, Audio Note (UK), First Watt, Triode Lab, Leben, Duelund, the upcoming Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards, and other stuff!

I thought it was time for me to check in and tell you what's going on here at Jeff's Place, what is upcoming at Positive Feedback, and about a few other things that are rattling around inside my noggin at the moment. First off, we are now in the fourth quarter of 2020, and 2020 is going fast,... Read More »

From Nelson Pass: The new First Watt F8 amplifier!

The new First Watt F8 amplifier will be on its way here for a listen in the not too distant future. In my usual fashion I'll be blogging about it as I get familiar with it here at Jeff's Place, and then will be writing a feature article about it for Positive Feedback. Nelson has just released the... Read More »

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