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First Listen: Acoustic Revive RTS-30 Turntable Mat!

Greetings friends, I hope you are well! For today's First Listen to the Acoustic Revive RTS-30 turntable mat, here's the system components of the moment: The Audio Note (UK) combination of the Io I moving-coil cartridge (mounted on the Schick tonearm of my CTC Garrard 301 turntable), AN-S4/L silver SUT, AN-V silver interconnects, M3 RIAA... Read More »

Listening (and watching): Audio Note (UK) Meishu Phono Silver Tonmeister 300B SET Integrated Amplifier!

I've been having a ball getting reacquainted with single-ended-triode (SET) amplifiers. Over the past few decades I've owned numerous SET amplifiers built around 45, 2A3, 300B, and 845/211  vacuum tubes. They were all unique and all had their desirable traits, and I really enjoyed my time with them. I can tell you for sure that... Read More »

First Listen: Triode Lab 2A3 Parallel Single-Ended-Triode RSR Monaural Amplifiers!

Greetings, and a Happy Holiday Season to you all! I hope Santa brought you all your hearts desires this Christmas! I'm feeling particularly blessed at the moment as I sit here listening to film and music and writing about hifi for you, and a big part of that blessedness is due to the presence of... Read More »

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