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Update on the Audio Note (UK) field-coil loudspeakers from Andy Grove!

Field-coil drivers are among the 'dream components' of many high-performance audio aficionados due to their more powerful motors, and the constant flux field density from their power supplies. This allows field-coil drivers to track an audio signal with more accuracy and precision, which provides big benefits in terms of dynamic response (and articulation) across the... Read More »

Audio Note (UK) Prototype Field-Coil Loudspeakers!

When I was visiting Audio Note (UK) last fall, Daniel Qvortrup showed me drivers and cabinets of some prototype field-coil loudspeakers they were in the process of developing, as we did a walk-about of the facility. Daniel just sent me some photos of the completed prototype Audio Note (UK) field-coil loudspeakers that were installed into... Read More »

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